Precision Blades for Wafer Dicing

As electronics become smaller and more powerful, the need for precision when manufacturing them becomes ever greater. Silicon wafers, as well as wafers made using other materials, need to be handled carefully to avoid introducing impurities, which could negatively impact the function of the final product, or causing accidental breakage.Diacut Thinwheel welcomes the challenge of… Read More »

Metal Bond Wheels vs. Resin Bond Wheels

<p>Depending on what materials you need to cut, you may have the option to use <a href=””>metal wheels</a> or <a href=””>resin wheels.</a> Diacut offers the <a href=””>Thinwheel™ with Reusable Mandrel</a> and <a href=””>1A1R Special Wheel</a> in both options. Find out which is right for you.</p><h2><strong>Resin Bond Wheels</strong></h2><p>The <a href=””>1A1 Precision Wheel</a> is a resin bond… Read More »

Keep Your Fingers on your Hands!

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”shutterstock_229236082″ width=”500″ height=”334″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1122″ /></a><!–mep-nl–><h1>Safety Tips When Using a Saw Blade</h1><p>Diamond cut-off wheels are built strong and made to last a very long time. Because they are very sharp, they introduce a number of dangerous situations. Save your life and your fingers by following these safety tips:</p><ul><li>Wear safety gear to… Read More »

High Production with DIACUT

DIACUT, Inc. understands when it comes to precision wheels and blades, it is about reliable quality and consistent performance, while improving our customers current cutting process.We begin our process of producing our top-quality, custom-made blades with pre-production research and development to ensure that you receive a blade made just for you.Each carefully customized for your… Read More »

Blades for Challenging Materials

<h1>The Diamond Blade Difference</h1>When working with difficult materials finding the right tools for optimal performance is important. The smallest detail can make the biggest difference in your final product. Challenging materials need even tougher materials to be able to cut through them. Diamonds are one of the hardest materials in the world which is why… Read More »

Keeping Grinding Wheels like New

 Grinding wheels can begin to erode slowly overtime with constant use of the blade, causing the cuts to not be as precise or sharp. In order to avoid dull blades, you can use a Dia-TRUpin to recondition blades to make them like new once again.The Dia-TRUpin reshapes dull wheels into brand new wheels in a… Read More »