High Production


Starting with pre-production R&D and through to full volume production runs, Diacut, Inc. produces custom-made slicing, dicing, and cutting blades. Since 1982, Diacut has been teaming with our customers to solve a wide variety of advanced material dicing problems. We provide a wide selection of diamond and CBN resin bond blades for your most challenging applications in glass, fused silica, ceramic, alumina, quartz, crystal, sapphire, carbide, etc. Diacut, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to assist you in developing your new projects or improving your current dicing process.

Diacut, Inc. understands that there are a number of variables involved in the dicing process that will affect your quality of cut. We take these variables and your particular requirements into consideration when we customize your slicing, dicing, and cutting blades. Based on your desired results, we will custom-formulate your blade’s diamond type, bond type, and concentration to provide a unique blade for your most challenging dicing projects. The resultant effect is a blade that will produce higher yields, faster feed rates, and increased productivity.

To receive pricing for this product,
contact us at 719-481-4205 or sales@diacut.com

To calculate as accurate a price as possible, we will ask you to provide information about:
Diacut product type desired • super-abrasive type • outside diameter • thickness • inside diameter • grit size: (micron/mesh) • concentration • thickness tolerance • material to be cut • coolant requirement • type of coolant

High Production Blades