1A8 Thinwheel™
The 1A8 Thinwheel™ is used for high precision slot grinding, slicing and dicing, and some fine cut-off operations. The blade is available in Diamond or CBN and is used in single, as well as gang wheel applications, on standard surface grinders, creep feed grinders, OD grinders, machining centers, and specialized dicing machines.

1A1R Special Wheel
The 1A1R Special combines a steel core with the 1/4″ diamond or CBN section. The result is a highly rigid wheel primarily used for deeper cutting applications, which require additional wheel exposure.

Thinwheel™ with Reusable Mandrel
Diacut Thinwheels™ used in conjunction with a mandrel are used to grind OD and ID slots on surface grinding machines using a collet adapter, ID grinders, jig grinders, and high speed grinding attachments on lathes and machining centers.

1A1R Cutoff Wheel » click for more info
Diacut’s standard Cutoff Wheel. This wheel is used on cutoff machines, surface grinders, OD grinders, and machining centers.

Surface Grinding Wheel
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